A Word from Your Hosts...

  Our reason for having the Cleardale Gospel Jamboree is to provide a place for Gospel music lovers like ourselves and our family to share their music and love for the Lord. We feel that it was God who provided this place for us and want to share it with whoever comes to the Jamboree as long as we are able. We hope that you will all feel at home and enjoy your time with us.

Good Gospel music touches the heart strings like nothing else and we feel we have the best of the best right here. In our travels we have noticed there are many sad and lonely souls that need a special touch from the Lord and we feel like
it is such an honor to provide a place where this can take place.   

  In these trying times we feel it is needful to get together to encourage and listen to each others hearts.  We believe the Lord wants us to exalt His Holy Name in Adoration and Praise for He is worthy to be Praised!  He is Lord of Lords and King of  Kings! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

~Jerry and Rose Hale~
               Our Mission

The Gospel Jamboree
To bring His music to the Peace Country. And to give His people time to celebrate Him with other people who have the same love for our Lord.

This is the place to be for everything
"Cleardale Gospel Jamboree"

         The lineup for 2016 is now confirmed! Be sure to check it out

On behalf of the
Cleardale Gospel Jamboree
planning committee,
Jerry & Rose Hale and family
would like to personally thank those of you
who have attended the Jamboree in the past
to help celebrate what the Lord is doing in the lives of His children.
Thanks for helping us to fulfill the call of the Lord by bringing
His music back in the form of the Cleardale Gospel Jamboree.
See you this summer!

Other Information
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If you would like to make a donation to the Jamboree,
please send us an email
or a phone call!!  If that is your intention,
we truly thank you in
June 17,18 & 19, 2016
*No camping fees  *No Registration necessary
Phone us: 780-685-3840
Jerry or Rose